The cheapest and fast PCB making

I am working with electrotechnic a long time and I have always problem with making boards. The first I was making own boards by using permanent marker. It takes a lot of time and the result was not very good. After some time, I needed better boards for smaller electronic parts, but not too expensive. The best solution is make boards in China. Read the article, is it simple!


I tried a lot of times service ALLPCB (, which is very cheap and fast. On their web page, you can calculate the price from paramateres of the your pcb layout. And you can select more ways to delivery. Some delivery is cheaper, but it takes long time and other is faster, but more expensive. The best is communication with the assistant, which can halp you with everything about PCB and order. 

When you had make a PCB layout, then you generate a GERBER data and you can make an order. So easy! For the whole time you can communicate with assistant and you can getting information about state of your order. For example checkong your files or when the boards was sent. 

For example, I ordered 10 pcs of the PCB 74mm x 138mm and selected the cheapest way to delivery. Then I paid $ 34.53 and I get my PCBs after 14 days. The boards, that was made from ALLPCB are in the figure 1 and 2.

When I made the second order, I get one piece of the PCB gratis.


Fig. 1: The PCBs made in ALLPCB.

Fig. 2: The next order in ALLPCB.



This boards I am using on my project here: DCC command station for model trains controled via Android (iOS) application


Video Guide


One thought on “The cheapest and fast PCB making

  1. Janice

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience, Wish to get more cooperation for further projects 🙂

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