Digital command station TCS

The digital command station for the control of model railway via DCC protocol. It allows control trains and accessories of the model railroad via Android application, XpressNet throttles (e.g. Roco MultiMAUS) and other application and programs compatible with Roco Z21 and XpressNet Li-ETH. The command station allows connect the feedback detectors via S88 bus.


Digitální centrála TCS

Digital command station TCS

Přední panel centrály TCS

Front panel of the digital command station TCS

Zadní strana centrály TCS

Back panel of the digital command station TCS

Main features

  • Control of digital trains (speed, direction and up to 28 functions)
  • Control digital accessories of the model railroad (turnouts, signals, lamps, etc.)
  • Connection for the programming track
  • Overload and cut detection
  • Automatic command station settings and very easy control
  • Automatic find the command station and show in application
  • Own Android application
  • Up to 10 Android devices working simultaneously
  • Up to 10 XpressNet throttles (e.g. Roco MultiMAUS)
  • Compatible with Z21 programs and applications
  • Database of the trains and accessories is saved in command station on the SD card
  • Easy update
  • Immediate show changes on all connected devices
  • Control more than 1 trains simultaneously
  • Assign trains from admin
  • Read and write CV registers
  • Connection of the feedback detectors  (S88)

  • And more …





Package contains

Package contains these things:

  • Command station TCS
  • DC adapter 15V/4A
  • Power cord
  • 2pcs track connectors
  • Network LAN cable
  • SD card (optional)
  • Manual

The package contains all, what will you need. It is easy, just plug in and play. No more settings and complexity!


Main features in compare with other command stations

  • Easy control
  • No settings needed
  • All accessories are in package
  • All in czech and english language
  • Full and free Android application
  • Regular FREE updates
  • List of trains are saved on SD card
  • Automatic connection without manually put the IP address
  • Secured by PIN and crypto
  • and more…
More in CZ article: Why select the TCS command station? (Only CZ language)

Czech guides and video-guides

Videoguide: How to change address of the DCC locomotive (Read and Write CV) Automatic rail crossing How to control model railway over PC
(Feedback detector S88 + RocRail)
Manage connected users and assigning trains Solving the control panel on DCC with TCO module
(+ guide for multidecoder from DCCDoma)

Compatible applications, computer programs and throttles

Compatible accessories, boosters, decoders and more…

The digital command station TCS is compatible with most of the DCC components, but we tried some of them and they are in the table below. If you want use any other accessory with the TCS command station, you can contact us and ask.

Customer reviews

We are sorry, but we have only czech reviews now.

Presentation videos





More videos on YouTube channel: ZAVAVOV

5 thoughts on “Digital command station TCS

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    1. admin Post author

      Hi Mike,
      I understand, that the price is really high, but if you compare, what do you get with my command station, I think that it is ok. I wrote the article about it, but only in czech language: (If you want, You can try translate it via Google).

      For example, in package of the TCS command station is power adapter, which is safe and powerful. You get SD card, LAN cable and other accessories in command station package, too.
      The next thing, the TCS command station is really simple for start and control trains (something like Apple products 10 years ago 🙂 ). There is cryptographic for communication too. And the Android application is for free. All updates are for free.

      And the last thing, this command station is worked only by me – no team. I am developping and making the product at home in my free time. It is only my hobby, no for money. I am using only top parts (no China parts) for making it.

      If you have more questions, I like answer it. And if you have any deal for me (Create YouTube video or something like that, I can give you a discount :-).

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