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DCC command station for model trains controled via Android application

When I started with making my own model railroad, I was making decision about control all pieces of my model railroad. I selected digital control DCC. First I studied lot of about DCC and then I was looking for in e-shops DCC components. When I saw prices for this components and functions, then I decided, that I will make own DCC command station named Train Control Station.



The hardware should be very simple and chep, but resistant and clever. I effort made the best command station and the hardware is a base of the project. 

Now, it is hardware version 2.0, with this features:

  • CPU: ARM Cortex-M4 120MHz
  • Power: 15 – 24 V, (min current 1A)
  • Max output current: 3,1A (current protection)
  • Connection to LAN network (and internet), atomatic discovery (it is provided by TCP/IP stack FNET)
  • Switch DCC output when write to CV registers
  • XpressNet
  • Set the output voltage in range 10 – 25 V

This board can be updated by extensions compatible with Arduino UNO.

The board was made in China (


The product is boxed now!



The main control of the DCC command station is via Android application over LAN or WiFi network. The next way, how to control the command station, is use XpressNet throttle (for example ROCO MultiMAUS). 

  • Android application
  • XpressNet (Roco MultiMAUS, …)
  • All applications using protocol Z21


Key features of TCS

  • Control over IP network + automatic detect network and assign IP address
  • Discovery command station in network and connect from the application
  • Control via Android Application
  • Control via XpressNet throttle (ROCO MultiMAUS, …)
  • Control via all applications using protocol Z21
  • Infromation about command station state by RGB LED
  • Generating DCC signal by hardware DMA
  • Read and write to SD card (saving trains, accessories, photos and preferences)
  • Adding trains and accessories into database + photos
  • Categories of trains and accessories
  • Control via up to 10 Android devices
  • Control via up to 10 XpressNet devices
  • Check for the control train only by one user
  • Control two and more trains from one device
  • Update command station by Android application
  • Notifications – changed state of accessory is show on the all connected devices
  • Protocol for receiving data from trains and whole railroad (S88, …)
  • Assigns trains to devices with user permission

TCS features in plan

  • WiFi instead of cable
  • Use crypto for TCS protocol
  • Communication with commercial command stations
  • Comfortable and easy control
  • Statistics – for example distance
  • Show map of whole railroad model and control from it
  • Detection trains positions and show it
  • Detection of turnouts state and show it
  • Make train way (all turnouts and signals set right for train)
  • Automatic train control
  • Collision detection of trains
  • Show video from cameras

If you have any ideas, please contact me.


Please, contact me.


If you like this project and you want donate it, you can do it on the right side on this web (Donation). You can donate via PayPal or credit card in Czech currency (Kč), dollar ($) or euro (€). If you want donate anything else for this project, you can Contact me.

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Video of controlling london model house by my own TCS command station. It can control brightness of each LED by this command station.


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